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    Advertising Slogans

    Communications, broadcasting, and publishing

    "All the news that's fit to print." — The New York Times, 1896, Direct
    "ABC: America's Broadcasting Company" — ABC, 1999
    "Be the first to know" — CNN International, 2002-present
    "Before you make up your mind, open it." — Irish Independent
    "Boundless" — AT&T, early 2000s
    "Bringing it home to ME" — Prime Television Australia (Seven Network affiliate) 2003-present
    "Business Is Beautiful" — Sprint
    "Come and get your love." — Alltel, 2005-present
    "CTV. Canadian Television" — CTV
    "Done." — NEXTEL, pre-merger
    "Don't just sit there." "Okay, just sit there." — ABC, 1998
    "Fair and balanced" — FOX News
    "GEE! No, GTE."
    "Generation d" — WorldCom
    "Get Connected!" — G4, 2004
    "Get more" — T-Mobile
    "Going beyond the call" — SBC Communications, 2000s
    "GOTTALOVEIT" — Seven Network Australia, 2005-present
    "How are you?" — Vodafone
    "How does the wireless industry make you feel?" Sprint PCS "Fair & Flexible Plan"
    "How many bars do you have?" AT&T Wireless, 2004
    "Is This A Great Time Or What?" — MCI Communications
    "If it's on, it's in." — Radio Times, MCBD
    "If you don't get it, you don't get it." — The Washington Post, 1990s
    "It's good to talk" — BT, 1990s
    "It's not TV, it's HBO." — HBO, late 1990s
    "It's Smart to be Square" — British Satellite Broadcasting, 1990, referring to its "squarial" satellite antennas
    "It's time for U" — UPN, 2003
    "Let your fingers do the walking." — Yellow Pages, 1964, Geers Gross
    "Listening. Answering." — BellSouth
    "Lifetime: Television for Women." — Lifetime Television, 1995-present.
    "Live from anywhere" — CNN International, 2006-present
    "Make the most of now" — Vodafone, 2005-present
    "More bars in more places" — Cingular Wireless, 2004-present
    "Must See TV" — NBC, late 1990s
    "Nick is for kids" — Nickelodeon
    "No Limits" — Showtime (1997-present)
    "Now, that's better" — Sprint PCS
    "One Sprint. Many Solutions" — Sprint
    "Quoted everywhere" — CNN International, 2006-present
    "Raising the bar" — Cingular Wireless, 2004-present
    "Reach out and touch someone" — AT&T, 1979, N.W. Ayer & Son
    "Seeing small business differently" — SBC Communications
    "Seriously Ten" — Network Ten Australia
    "Still the One" — ABC 1978, Nine Network Australia 1980s - present, Sky Television 1990
    "The Eye in the Eyes" — CBS, 2003
    "The first network for men" — Spike TV
    "The future's bright. The future's Orange." — Orange, 1996, WCRS
    "The more you hear, the better we sound" — AT&T long distance
    "The most trusted name in news" — CNN
    "The one to watch" — Seven Network Australia 1999-2003, ATN Channel 7 1999-
    "The Point Of Contact" — Sprint
    "The right choice" — AT&T, 1986-1993
    "There's No Place Like HBO" -- HBO, 1983
    "This is SportsCenter." — ESPN SportsCenter, 1995-present
    "We love TV." — ABC, 1998-'99, TBWA\Chiat\Day
    "We never stop working for you" — Verizon Wireless
    "We're The One" — Sky Television, 1989
    "Yes" — Optus
    "Yes you can." — Sprint, 2005-present
    "You give us 22 minutes, we'll give you the world" — WINS Radio, New York, 1965, KFWB Radio, Los Angeles, Present (2004)
    "You should see what's on HGTV" — HGTV, 2003
    "You Watch, We Listen" — British Satellite Broadcasting, 1990
    "Your friend in the digital age" — Cox Communications
    "Your World. Delivered." — AT&T, 2005-present


    "The battery you dream about." — Duracell Batteries, mid to late 2000s
    "Be inspired" — Siemens Mobile, early 2000s
    "Can you hear me now?" — Verizon Wireless
    "Connecting people." — Nokia
    "Designed for life" — Siemens Mobile, early to mid 2000s
    "Do you have the bunny inside?" — Energizer Max, 2000s
    "The Document Company" — Xerox
    "Enjoyment matters" — BenQ
    "Genesis Does What Nintendon't - Sega Genesis, 1990s
    "Get N or get out." Nintendo, late 1990s
    "HelloMoto." — Motorola
    "Hello Tosh, gotta Toshiba?" — Toshiba, 1984, Gold Greenlees Trott
    "Ideas for life" — Panasonic
    "Imagine" — Samsung, 2005
    "Imagination at Work." — General Electric
    "Is it live, or is it Memorex? "- Memorex video cassettes, 1970s or 1980s on
    "It's a miracle" — Xerox, 1975
    "It's good to play together." — Microsoft Xbox
    "It's so simple" — Polaroid, 1977
    "Just What I Needed." — Circuit City
    "Keep exploring" — BenQ-Siemens, 2006
    "Keep Going" — Energizer Batteries, mid 2000s
    "Keeps going and going and going." — Energizer Batteries, 1990s
    "Let's make things better" — Philips
    "like.no.other" — Sony, 2004
    "Live in your world, Play in ours." — PlayStation 2
    "Make yourself heard" — Ericsson
    "The most human handset." — DiStar
    "Neighbour's envy, owner's pride" — Onida TV (India)
    "No battery is stronger longer." — Duracell Batteries, 1990s
    "Now You're Playing With Power!" — Nintendo, mid-1980s to mid-1990s
    "One that Last" — Duracell Batteries - late-1980s
    "See what the future has in store." — Future Shop
    "Sense and Simplicity" — Philips, 2004-present
    "Staples: Yeah, We Got That" — Staples, 1998
    "That was easy." — Staples, 2003-present
    "Thousands of possibilities. Get yours." — Best Buy
    "Touching is good." — Nintendo DS
    "Trusted Everywhere" — Duracell Batteries, 2000s
    "Turn On The Fun" — Best Buy 2000
    "Welcome to the next level/'SEGA!'" - Sega, late 90's.
    "Where you at?" — Boost Mobile
    "Who are you?" — Nintendo
    "With Samsung, it's not that hard to imagine." — Samsung, 2005
    "You can't top the copper top" — Duracell Batteries, early to mid 1990s
    "You've got questions, we've got answers." — RadioShack

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