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      1. 并列关系

      and, furthermore, more than that, also, likewise, moreover, in addition, what is more, for instance, for example

      2. 转折关系

      although, however, on the contrary, but, in spite of, nevertheless, yet, otherwise, despite

      3. 顺序关系

      first, second, third, and so on, then, after, before, next

      4. 因果关系

      as a result, for, thus, because, for this reason, so, therefore, as, since, consequently, on account of

      5. 归纳关系

      as a result, finally, therefore, accordingly, in short, thus, consequently, in conclusion, so, in brief, in a word


      As far as I am concerned, the advantages of … outweigh its disadvantages.Nevertheless, the disadvantages of … is undeniable.

      To sum up/ In general/ On the whole/ In brief/ In short/ In a word, it is true that … bring about both positive and negative results. But we can try our best to reduce the negative influence to the least extent.

      Obviously, in every aspect, …

      This diagram unfolds a clear comparison between…and…

      As to the other three, though the growth rates were not so high, they were indeed remarkable and impressive.

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