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      1. 主从句叠置
      1) There are more and more students like to use the computer.
      2) There are still many problems should be noted and resolved.
      2. 简单句叠置
      I like chatting on line very much, I go to the net bar almost every weekend.
      3. 从句叠置
      As is known to all that computers play an important role in many fields of our life.
      4. 句子成分缺失
      If work hard, we will surely be successful.
      5. 语序错误
      1) Why college students spend more and more time on the computer?
       2) I often wonder where have they got their money.
      Many people thought that the Internet will be more useful in the future.
      1) I have excited several days at the news that you will come here.
      2) Most of the students satisfy with the service in the dining hall.
      1) Wise man seek opportunities rather than wait for them.
      2) Someone are afraid that computer may control men in the future.
      1) Let me to represent everyone to say “hello” to you.
      2) Do exercise in the morning is good for one’s health.
      3) Having studied in our school for 3 years, the canteen service has changed a lot.
      1) We can use computers in doing everything you like.
      2) A college student should be able to do their washing on their own.
      1) Horse is an useful animal.
      2) The exam will be held in the December, 2004.
      1) I wish you can consider my suggests.
      2) If a person wants to success, he must learn to endure sufferings and setbacks.

      1) Students must know how to apply a computer.
      2) People can touch many new things on the Internet.
      3) The purpose of this letter is to react some opinions on the service in the dining hall.

      1) Why generated so large a change?
      2) Now 6000 yuan can buy a P4 computer.
      3) A room often lives 6-8 students.
      4) I think this great change has three reasons.
      5) The prices of the food are too expensive.
      6) The reason for this is because some people want to earn plenty of money without working hard.

      1) However, every coin has two sides, I think the surroundings in our canteen are the best among all universities.
      2) The man was racing down the street. Because he was late for the class.
      3) At last I want to let you know, I love our university very much.
      4) My favorite sports are swimming、jogging、mountaineering and playing table tennis.
      The best English film in my eyes is《Forrest Gump》.

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