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      1. 一般开头句型
      I’m writing to… 开门见山的开头模式   
      I’m writing to inform you that… (通知类型)
      I’m writing to seek your assistance in … (请求类型)
      I’m writing in response to your advertisement in … (回应类型)
      I’m writing to express my views on … (建议类型)
      I’m writing to apply for the scholarship that your department offers to students from other countries. (申请类型)
       I’m writing to see if it is possible for you to provide me with information regarding… (咨询类型)
      I’m writing to express my disappointment/ dissatisfaction about… (投诉类型)   
      2. 感谢类句型
      thank-gratitude-grateful-appreciate 的多种变体   
      I’m most grateful to you for your…
      I’m writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for…
      I would like to convey in this letter my heartfelt thanks for…
      I feel greatly indebted to you for…
      I’m writing to tell you how greatly I appreciate all you have done for me…
      But for your kind assistance, I would have …
      I must thank you again for your generous help.
      Please accept my deepest gratitude.   
      3. 道歉类句型
      I feel really sorry to you for…
      I must apologize to you for…
      I would like to express my deepest apology / regret for not being able to …
      Had I …, I would have….
      Please accept my sincere apology for…
      I want you to know how badly I feel about…   
      4. 一般结尾句型
      Any favorable consideration of my application will be highly appreciated. (申请/求职)
      We should be very pleased if you could honor us with your presence. (邀请函)
      Best wishes for your greater success in your career. (祝愿)

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