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      便条内容和类型不尽相同,可以灵活变通。但各类便条必须包括以下几个基本要素;1)Date:便条日期2)Salutation:称呼3)Body:正文 4)Signature:署名



       Jan.23rd,2003Received from Student, Wang Zihao one hundred yuan only for this months tuition fee.

      Li ManFor the Finance Office ofForeign Language Institute


      Sept. 16th, 2002Borrowed from the Foreign Language Department Reference Library three books as follows:A copy of History and Anthology of English Literature by Wu WeirenA copy of A Survey of American Literature by Chang YaoxinA copy of World Literature by Jiang Chengen

      Wu Zhuo

      For the Office of

      Social Science Department


      TuesdayDear Li,As the Spring Festival is drawing near, Im very glad to invite you to come to a dinner party with several other friends of ours. Im sure we will have a very happy time and enjoy ourselves thoroughly.Would you like to come on time at 5:00 p.m. today, to Room 6 of Lijing Hotel?

      Yours always, Jiayang


      Jan. 10thDear Ms. Jiang,I am terribly sorry that I shall be unable to attend this mornings two periods of English Class due to a bad cold and high fever. Enclosed is a certificate from the doctor who said I must stay in bed for a few days. I will go back to school as soon as I recover.

      Yours respectfully,Tian Ye

      常用句子I shall feel obliged if you will favor me with a call at your earliest convenience.如您方便,请早日来电,我将不胜感激。

       Delighted!Will call at 2 p.m. tomorrow.来条收悉,定于明天下午两点拜访。

      Encl.: Doctors Certificate of Advice.附;医生证明I shall be bery happy to call at your house at 6:30 this everying. Until then,...我定于今晚6:30去你家,望等候。

      Upon receiving this note, please come to my office.见条后,请立即来我办公室。

      Mr. Li stands in urgent need of your service.李先生急需你的帮助。

      I happen to be in urgent need of 200 yuan.我因有急事,需要200元。

      Yours note with an admission ticket enclosed is much appreciated.留言和一张入场券均已收到,不胜感激。

      Im very grateful to you for your kind invitation, and Im sure to come to see your concert.承蒙邀请观看你们的音乐会,我一定按时到场。

      Please accept this little figt as a small token of my esteen for you.奉上这小小的礼物,以表达我对您的崇高敬意。

      结束语I trust my absence will not cause you any serious inconvenience.望我的缺席不会给你带来太大的不便。

       Please favor me with an early reply.敬请早复。

      Hoping that the matter will be dealt with as soon as possible.希望能及早处理此事。

      Please give an extension of leave for three days.请准予续假三天为盼。

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