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    Are you by yourself? 你一个人来吗?
    Are you kidding me? 跟我开玩笑啊?
    Back in a moment! 马上回来!
    Boys will be boys! 本性难移!
    Come to the point! 有话直说!
    Do I have to? 我一定要做吗?
    Don't count on me! 别指望我!
    Don't fall for it! 别上当!
    Don't get me wrong! 你搞错了!
    Don't give me that! 少来这套!
    Don't let me down! 别让我失望!
    Don't over do it! 别做过头了!
    Drop me a line!要写信给我!
    Easy come easy go! 来得容易去也快!
    Get a move on! 快点吧!
    Give me a break! 饶了我吧!
    Glad you like it! 很高兴你喜欢!
    Great minds think alike! 英雄所见略同!
    He always talks big! 他老是吹牛!
    He's a double crosser! 他是个骗子!
    I cross my heart! 我发誓是真的!
    I just made it! 我做到了!
    I watch my money! 视财如命!
    I'll be right back! 我马上回来!
    I'll check it out! 我去查查看!
    I’ll see to it! 我会留意的!
    I'm down and out! 我穷困潦倒!
    I’m in a hurry! 我赶时间!
    I’m not that bad! 我没那么差吧?
    I’m short on cash! 我缺钱!
    I’ve got the blues! 我很郁闷!
    If I were you...=if I were in your shoes 如果我是你...
    It kills my eyes! 太好看了!
    It’s Greek to me! 我完全不懂!
    It’s no big deal! 没什么大不了的!
    It’s worth a try! 值得一试!
    Just wait and see! 等着瞧!
    Know what I mean? 明白我的意思吧?
    Let’s change the subject! 换个话题吧!
    My mouth is watering! 我要流口水了!
    No pain no gain! 吃一堑长一智!
    None of your business! 没你事!
    She’s under the weather! 她今天很忧郁!
    So far, so good! 还过得去!
    Speaking of the devil! 说曹操,曹操到!
    Stay away from me! 离我远点!
    That makes no difference! 不都一样吗?
    The walls have ears! 隔墙有耳!
    We better get going! 最好马上就走!
    We’re all for it! 我们都赞成!
    What’s on your mind? 你在想什么?
    You are the boss! 你是老大!
    You asked for it! 你自讨苦吃!
    You have my word! 我保证!
    You want a bet? 你敢打赌吗?
    You’re pulling my leg! 你开玩笑吧?
    You’re really killing me! 真是笑死我了!

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