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    在求职面试中,如果被问到以往失业的经历,你是否能应付自如? 电视上常用的借口--“为了得到更好的工作”,并不适用于所有人。

    If you have been fired, you may be afraid that your past will come back to haunt you in your next job interview. After all, you want to impress a potential new employer, and letting them know about a major failure isn't that impressive. But getting fired is not automatically a deal breaker. 失败的经验往往可以激励一个人走向成功,世界上很多成功的职业者已经证明了这一点。

    So just how do you handle questions about your past? Here are a few strategies to try that might keep you on the "A list" when the interview is over.

    1. Plan ahead to answer the question.

    既然已经预料到是个棘手的问题,就更要提前准备好怎样回答。 The best thing you can do is to get ready to answer questions about your experience. Prepare in advance by thinking about your negative work experience. Why were you fired? What did you learn from the experience? What did you do right, and what did you do wrong? Try to look at the situation objectively and from the employer's point of view, as well as your own. 总是对被解雇耿耿于怀,你就不能在面试的时候冷静客观地回答这个问题。而你的情绪变化,人力专家是会看出来的。

    2. Don't volunteer the information.

    尽管在面试的时候实事求是非常重要,但是如果没有必要,你大可不必将失业经历告知招聘人员。It is acceptable - and advisable - to package the truth in a way that is most favorable to you.

    For example, you can say you "left the company" or briefly mention that job and move on to your next position and what you accomplished there. Keep in mind, however, that this tactic does not work in all situations. It works best if the firing was several jobs ago and you have more relevant job experience to discuss.

    3. Explain the situation briefly, then focus on the positive.

    如果你实在无法避开这个问题的话,你就得简要的解释一下。For example: "Our company went through a great deal of change in the time that I was employed, as did my department. Unfortunately, my new supervisor was in need of skills I did not possess at that time."

    Once you have explained why you were let go, then it's time to move to the positive. For example: "Since that time I have continuously updated my skills to make myself a well-rounded contributor. I have taken additional computer classes, become involved with the industry's trade association, and feel that this job experience made me a better candidate in the long run."

    重点是要指出你在失业的经验中学到了什么。你在哪些方面提高了自己。This means learning from the past, but thinking about the future.

    4. Stay positive, no matter what.

    你被解雇可能是因为老板自身问题,也可能是被同事中伤。Even if you got the short end of the stick (受到了不公平的待遇), it is your job in the interview to stay positive and professional. 诋毁以前的公司和领导是非常不可取的。Again, if you are asked about your former boss and have nothing good to say, bite your tongue(忍住不说) for a minute and focus on your work and what you learned from the situation. 要记住:面试可不是你发泄对糟糕经历不满的时候!

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