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    Following are some typical questions that an interviewer may ask during a job interview, and some typical responses:

    Can you tell me a little more about the Canto project that you did at ABC Incorporated?

    Oh, that was a very exciting project. We had to increase sales by 40% during the 2nd quarter, and our results exceeded expectations,even though we were under a lot of pressure.

    Why should I hire you?

    I feel that my qualifications match your job description. I have a proven track record in resolving problems, multitasking, and dealing with customers, as you can see from my resume.

    What can you offer this company?

    In addition to the skills and experience we discussed, I’m an extremely hard worker, I’m very thorough and methodical, I get along great with people, and I’m a quick learner.

    Can you tell me some of your strengths and weaknesses?

    I’m loyal, honest, I manage my time effectively, I always follow through on my work, and I have great computer skills. Umm, I can’t really say I have any major weakness that affects my performance at work. I believe in continual learning and on-the-job training so that I can perform even better. Sometimes, I think I’m too hard-working, but I really love my work.

    Great! So when can you start?

    I have to give two weeks notice, which is just enough time to complete my current project. I can start any time after that.

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