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    Meeting old friends 老友重逢

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    Meeting old friends 老友重逢

    Many people shake hands when meeting after they havn't seen each other for a long time.

    1. A: I haven't seen you for ages. You haven't been sich, have you?
    B: No, I've been in California for the past month.
    A: How nice. Where were you exactly?
    B: San Diego. I got back yesterday.

    2. A: It's nice to see you again. Have you chaged jobs?
    B: No, I've been visiting relatives.
    A: That's nice. Where?
    B: I went to visit an uncle of mine in San Francisco.

    3. A: You haven't been around much lately, have you?
    B: No, I've been away on vacation.
    A: Oh? Where were you?
    B: Palm Springs. I've got a cousin there.

    4. A: Well, hello, stranger! Have you moved or something?
    B: No, I went to California for a few weeks.
    A: Oh, really? Where did you go?
    B: Los Angeles. I stayed with my brother.

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