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    A Christmas Gift 圣诞礼物

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    Shop-assistant : May I help you, sir?
    Mr. Yung : Er …I wart to buy my wife a gift for Christmas, but I don't know what she would like.
    Shop- assistant : How about an evening gown? These are all from Paris.
    Mr. Yung : No. She has very good taste in clothes. I don't want to take the risk.
    Shop- assistant : What do you have in mind then?
    Mr. Yung : I'm thinking about jewelry or something valuable and won't be out of fashion.
    Shop- assistant : We've got beautiful jewelry here. Not much, but each one is unique. If you're interested, I can show you.
    Mr. Yung : Do you give guarantees of their genuineness?
    Shop- assistant : Yes, we do. (He leads Mr. Yung to another counter.) Here we are. Well, what do you think?
    Mr. Yung : They are lovely, I must say....Can I take a look at that necklace?
    Shop- assistant : Which one? This one?
    Mr. Yung : No, no....The third one from the left....Yeah, that's the one. (Shop assistant gives him the necklace.) Is this ruby genuine?
    Shop- assistant : We don't sell fakes here, sir. This one is a masterpiece, and I'm sure your wife will love it. You can't find a second one in New York, and it only costs you three thousand six hundred dollars. You can pay by cheque if you like.
    Mr. Yung : Three thousand six hundred? .... OK, I'll take it....Here is the cheque. Oh, please gift-wrap it.

    1.Unique adi.独一无二的
    2.Genuineness n.真品
    3.Fake n.膺品、伪造品

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