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    Complaining 抱怨

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    Complaining 抱怨

    It's a good idea to be as polite as possible even when complaining about something.

    1.A: I wish you wouldn't play the TV so loud.
    B: Sorry. Where you trying to sleep?
    A: Yes, And while I think of it, please ask when you want to borrow my records.
    B: I'm sorry. You're right. I should have asked.

    2.A: Do you think you could keep the noise down?
    B: I'm sorry. Am I keeping you awake?
    A: Yes. And another thing, would you mind not making long distance calls.
    B: I'm sorry. I thought you wouldn't mind.

    3.A: That radio's pretty loud. Could you turn it down, please?
    B: Sorry. Was I disturbing you?
    A: Yes. And something else, please don't borrow my clothes without asking.
    B: Sorry. I guess I wasn't thinking. I won't do it again.

    4.A: You don't have to play that record so loud, do you?
    B: I'm sorry. Has it been bothering you?
    A: Yes. And please ask me the next time you want to use something.
    B: I'm sorry. I meant to ask you.

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