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    Key Sentences(重点句子)


    62.I'm sorry,but he's on another line now.


    63.Would you care to hold?


    64.Could you take a message,please?


    65.I'll give him the message.


    66.Anything else?


    67.That's all.Thank you for trouble taken.


    68.I'm sorry,but he is out of the office right now.


    69.When will he be back?


    70.I wonder if you could give Mr.Wang a message for me?


    71.Just a minute.I'll get a pen.


    72.I'll 1et him know,Mf.Brown.


    73.No.I really need to talk to him personally.


    74.Would you like to leave a message on his voice mail,then?


    75.Hold on and I'll transfer you.


    76.I'm not available to take your call,but please your name,number and a brief message.


    77.I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


    78.Please call me at 556-3243 when you get back.



    Dialogue A


    (A:Jan Wise B:Receiver)

    A:Hello.Can I speak to Mr.Clark?

    B:May I have your name,Please?

    A:This is Jan Wise speaking.

    B:Hold on,please…I'm sorry,but he's on another line now.

    Would you care to hold?

    A:Well,I need to leave in a ninute.Could you take a message,Please?


    A:It's a little complicated… I'm Mr.Clark's former classmate.


    A:I was supposed to meet Mr.Clark for lunch at 12∶30 at Ernierestaurant with a friend of us,Miss White…

    B:Ernie…Miss White——OK…

    A:But Miss White's flight arrived late,and I need to pick her upat the airport now…

    B:Airport ——OK…

    A:So please tell him that the time is changed to 1∶00…

    B:One o'clock…

    A:And I hear that Miss White likes to eat Chinese food recently,so I want to meet at Beijing restaurant instead of Ernie's. Bythe way,please tell him not to book the table,I have done it al-ready.

    B:Beijing restaurant… Chinese food——OK,Miss Wise,I'll givehim the message.Anything else?

    A:That's all.Thank you for trouble taken.Good-bye.



    Dialogue B


    (A:Jim Brown B:Receiver)

    A:Hello.This is Jim Brown of the Export Department.May Ispeak to Mr.Wang?

    B:I'm sorry,but he is out of the office right now.

    A:When will he be back?

    B:He should be back at any moment.

    A:I wonder if you could give Mr.Wang a message for me?

    B:Yes,certainly.Just a minute.I'll get a pen.(Pause)OKay,please carry on.

    A:There will be a very urgent meeting at three o'clock and Iwould like Mr.Wang to attend it.

    B:OKay,an urgent meeting…three o'clock…May I ask whatit's regarding?

    A:Yes.It's regarding the foreign exchange market and our salesstrategy this year.

    B:Shall I tell Mr.Wang to prepare any material?

    A:Yes,thank you.

    B:I'll let him know,Mr.Brown.

    A:Thank you very much.Bye.



    Dialogue C


    (A:Mary B:Receiver C:John's voice)

    A:Hello.Is John in?

    B:No,can I take a message?

    A:No.I really need to talk to him personally.

    B:Would you like to leave a message on his voice mail,then?

    A:Yes.Thank you.

    B:Hold on and I'll transfer you.(Pause)

    C:Hi,this is John.I'm not available to take your call,but pleaseleave your name,number and a brief message.I'll get back toyou as soon as possible.

    A:Hi,John.It's Mary and I really need to talk to you.I won't beable to go to the party with you.Please call me at 556-3243when you get back.


    Words and Expressions


    complicate  vt.使复杂;使麻烦

    former   a.以前的;前者

    suppose  vt.让;猜想;假定,以为

    restaurant   n.饭店,饭馆

    flight   n.飞行,飞翔,航班

    change   v.改变,变化;更换,交换

    recently   a.近来的;最近的,目前的

    instead    ad.代替,顶替

    book  n.书,书籍,v.定,预定

    trouble   n.烦恼;苦恼;困境;麻烦

    department   n.部;(大学等的)系

    export   vt.输出;把……出口

    attend  v.出席,照顾

    regard   v.考虑,认为,把……看作是

    exchange   v.交换;调换,兑换;交流

    market   n.(交易)市场;(集)市

    sale   n.出售,出卖;贱卖,大减价

    strategy   n.战略,策略

    material   n.材料;原料;资料

    personally   a.亲自的;就个人而言

    voice mail语音信箱

    transfe   v.迁移;调动;变换;传输

    brief   a.简略的,简短的

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