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      Dialogue 1 Give an injection (注射)

      (Introduction: In a ward of Surgical department .The patient is suffering from bad pain, and the nurse has prepared for giving the patient an injection to relieve the pain. Then the nurse comes to the patient's and take the first step to give an injection.)

       Nurse(Walking to the patient):Hello! Are u Mr/Mrs Patient?

       Patient: Yes.

      N(Taking out the syringe): Now I have an injection for u.I would like to give this injection on ur buttocks to relieve the pain.


      N:I'm going to sterilize the skin with tincture. Did it hurt? (cleaning the skin with an tincture sponge, and giving the injection)

      P: No. Never felt a thing. Thank u.


      P: I have so much pain in my wound. I need medicine for pain, nurse.

      N: Will u show me the dressing ? (helping the patient to show)The dressing is clean and dry. I gave u a pain killer one hour ago. I t seems to be a little bit early to give u another one now. This medicine has a very strong effect and the doctor has ordered medication for 2 to 3 hours interval. Can u stand it for a while.

      P: Oh, no. I can't stand it any longer.

      N: I C. Then I will call the doctor . PLS relax and don't worry.

      Dialogue 2 U're scheduled to have an operation (手术安排)

      (The patient is going to have an operation next morning, and her/his nurse in charge comes to tell her/him something about the operation)

      Nurse: Good afternoon, Mrs/ Mr P,do u know u're scheduled to have an operation tomorrow?

      Patient: Yeah, but what time am I going to have it?

      N: The operation starts at 9o'clock . But u will have to get injections about 30 to 45minutes before u leave for the surgery. If ur family come to see u before the operation ,they should be here by 7:30.

      P: I C.

      N: Did ur doctor tell what sort of operation u're going to have?

      P: Yeah, I'm going to have cystectomy.

      N: All right. Have u signed the consent?

       P: Yes,here it is.

      N: I would like to explain the preparation for the operation . If u have any question ,PLS stop me.

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