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    What is Bluetooth?

      Bluetooth is a universal radio interface in the 2.45GHz frequency band that enables portable electronic devices to connect and communicate wirelessly via short-range, ad hoc networks. Each unit can simultaneously communicate with up to sever other units per piconet. Moreover, each unit can simultaneously belong to several piconets.

      What is Bluetooth Technology?

      Bluetooth technology which apart from Ericsson, has gained the support of Nokia, IBM, Toshiba, Intel and many other manufacturers.

      Eliminates the need for wires, cables and connectors for and between cordless or mobile phones, modems, headsets, PDAs, Computers, printers, projectors, local area networks, and so on, and paves the way for new and completely different devices and applications.Technology Characteristics—1Ms/s symbol rate exploits maximum available channel bandwidth.

      Fast frequency hopping avoids interference

      Adaptive output power minimizes interference

      Short data packets maximize capacity during interference

      Fast acknowledge allows low coding overhead for links

      CVSD(Continuous Variable Slope Delta Modulation)voice coding enables operation at high bit- error rates

      Flexible packet types supports wide application range



       Air interface tailored to minimize current consumption

      Basic Technical Information—Based upon a small, high performance integrated radio transceiver, each of which is allocated a unique 48-bit address derived from the IEEE 802.standard.

      Operate in the unrestricted 2.45GHz ISM free band, Which is available globally although slight variation of location and width of band apply.

      Range set at 10m to optimize for target market of mobile and business user

      Gross data rate 1Mbit/s with second generation plans to increase to 1Mbit/s

      One-to-one connections allow maximum data transfer rate of 721kbit/s (3 voice channels)

      Uses packet switching protocol based on frequency hop scheme with 1600 hops/s to enable high performance in noisy radio environments. The entire available frequency spectrum is used with 79 hops of 1Mhz bandwidth, analogous to the IEEE 802.11 standard.

      Low power consumption longevity for battery powered devices. During data transfer the maximum current drain is 30mA. However during pauses or at lower data rates will be lower.













      每一个小型、高性能、集成的无线电收发机都有IEEE 802标准所规定的一个唯一的48比特位地址

      开放的2.45GHz ISM自由频段,全球都可以自由使用。




      在无线电噪声环境里,利用基于每秒1600跳跳频表的分组交换协议可以提高系统性能。以 1Mhz带宽79跳来利用这个完整的可用频谱。这类似于IEEE 802.11标准。


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