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    经济金融术语汉英对照表 W-X

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    外部审计 external audit
    外国直接投资 foreign direct investment (FDI)
    外汇储备 foreign exchange reserves
    外汇调剂 foreign exchange swap
    外汇占款 the RMB counterpart of foreign exchange reserves;the RMB equivalent of offcial foreign exchange holdings
    外向型经济 export-oriented economy
    外债 external debt
    外资企业 foreign-funded enterprises
    完善现代企业制度 to improve the modern enterprise system
    完税凭证 tax payment documentation
    违法经营 illegal business
    委托存款 entrusted deposits
    稳步增长 steady growth
    稳健的银行系统 a sound banking system
    稳中求进 to make progress while ensuring stability
    无纸交易 book-entry(or paperless/scriptless)transaction
    物价监测 price monitoring

    吸纳流动性 to absorb liquidity
    稀缺经济 scarcity economy
    洗钱 money laundering
    系统内调度 fund allocation within a bank
    系统性金融危机 systemic financial crisis
    下岗工人 laid-off employees
    下游企业 down-stream enterprises
    现场稽核 on-site examination
    现金滞留(居民手中) cash held outside the banking system
    乡镇企业 township and village enterprises(TVEs)
    消费物价指数 consumer price index(CPI)
    消费税 excise(consumption)tax
    消灭财政赤字 to balance the budget;to eliminate fiscal deficit
    销货款回笼 reflow of corporate sales income to the banking system
    销售平淡 lackluster sales
    协议外资金额 committed amount of foreign investment
    新经济增长点 new sources of economic growth
    新开工项目 new projects;newly started projects
    新增贷款 incremental credit; loan increment; credit growth; credit expansion
    新增就业位置 new jobs;new job opportunities
    信贷规模考核 review the compliance with credit ceilings
    信号失真 distorted signals
    信托投资公司 trust and investment companies
    信息不对称 information asymmetry
    信息反馈 feedback(information)
    信息共享系统 information sharing system
    信息披露 information disclosure
    信用扩张 credir expansion
    信用评级 credit rating
    姓“资”还是姓“社” pertaining to socialism or capitalism;socialist orcaptialist
    行政措施 administrative measures
    需求膨胀 demand expansion; excessive demand
    虚伪存款 window-dressing deposits
    削减冗员 to shed excess labor force
    寻租 rent seeking
    迅速反弹 quick rebound

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