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    A Time to Say Hello
      The year began softly. The weather in Southern China was warm and so were the students. The unexpected events of the year to come began to unfold, much too soon to become only an innocent treasured memory. Something precious should be held tight and not let it go. It was to be a year of surprises and a year of love. The Chinese have an expression for it, “Yuan fen”. A westerner would only question why and how. With your permission let us share the experience together.
      He sat at the front of the classroom looking anxious but attentive. In those first few days, his eyes bright with anticipation(期望) sought approval from me, his teacher. He claims now that he understood very little content in the lessons of the first few weeks. However, he successfully managed to give the appropriate illusion(假象,错觉) of understanding well. He made me laugh and his peering was also delighted in his sense of humor. He dressed with attention to detail, and his neat appearance, whether in jeans or current fashion, was distinct, a cool guy! There was always something enchanting(使迷惑) in his smile, he was charming and handsome and he knew it! Moreover, he was a gentleman. His eyes revealed so much when they crinkled(起皱) with laughter, the mask removed, or conversely remained inscrutable(难以理解的,神秘的) like still pools of liquid chocolate, containing only a hint of belief.
      His first writing assignment revealed the fact that he liked me and that he hoped we could be friends, “very good friends”. At that time neither of us suspected just how true that prophecy(预言) would eventually become. Inwardly, I just laughed. This was the first of several laughs that showed how little I understood. His presence permeated(散布,弥漫) my classroom and my world.
      About a month later our lives began to intertwine(相互缠绕) and the delicately woven pattern of our lives began to become more intricate(错综复杂) in the coming year. Relationships occur on many levels. Layer upon layer must separate in order for us to speak of inner feelings. It is up to the individual to analyze the variety of feelings at each level.
      As time passed, we shared our viewpoints and feelings through conversation while chatting(聊天) over tea and coffee, arousing the emotion deep in our hearts.
      One day flowed smoothly into another. Familiar experience for me proved to be exciting and stimulating for him. Western festival celebrations like Halloween(万圣节前夕), Christmas and Valentine’s Day(情人节) provided an avenue to celebrate together, to share warmth and good times. Traveling to new places introduce me to an enticing(迷人的) new world.
      Every day there was laughter and underlying cares that carried both of us along to some degree of happiness. We learned together English and learned about life that year. Strangely the gap in our ages did not create any barrier for our friendship, he young and vital, and I was feeling young again.
      He offered his assistance, whenever I needed it. He offered his company for comfort, when death visited my door. What did he drive from this agenda, but a few paltry(不足取的,无价值的) words in a foreign language? May be it was all worthwhile, maybe it will open a window wide and provide a pass port to a new world for his future.
      Time continues to slip by as a rushing river. You no longer inhabit(居住于) my daily world, only my memory. From a distance your voice informs me that you are continuing to learn, you are growing. Some days you are happy, others not quite so much.
      However, here around me, there is nothing, only a ghost-like figure, waving from your window and a familiar waft(飘来) of fragrance(芳香) as I stand alongside your newly occupied desk. There is nothing and yet there is everything. My mind remains idle, with only fragments of images drifting in and out. I can no longer be absolutely certain whether this was only a dream.
      We no longer occupy the same space, but I remind myself that we still occupy the same world. When we chance to meet, hands reach out; hearts embrace, and once again confirm the same magic feeling. Such friendships come rarely in a lifetime. Thereby, I feel blessed(幸福的) and lucky.


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