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    This argument concludes/recommends/argues that…
    To support this conclusion the writer cites…/points out that…
    However, this argument suffers from several critical flaws and is therefore unconvincing/ unpersuasive as it stands.
    第二段和第三段甚至第四段:分类别 去攻击各个逻辑错误。(以因果关系类错误为例)
    One problem with the argument is that, the editorial observes a correlation between… and …, then concludes that the former is the cause of the latter. However, the editorial fails to rule out other possible explanations for…For example,… Any of these factors, or other social, political or economic factors, might lead to…Without ruling out all other such factors it is unfair to conclude that…
    第五 段:结尾段。
    作者的结论似乎是合理的,但是通过论证,不是这样的。因此作者在做出决定之前,应该还要考虑其他情况。我们通过一篇文章作为实例来介绍Argument 的论证步骤和论证方法以及文章结构。
    In the final analysis, the letter's author fails to adequately support the recommendation that…To bolster the argument, the arguer must provide detailed demographic/statistical evidence showing that…The author must also provide evidence--perhaps by way of a reliable survey—that…

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