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      Name: Zhu Huai-min
      English Name : Adam Chu
      Personal Data:
      Sex: male
      Native Place: Suzhou, Jiangsu , China
      Email: wtojobh@wtojob..com.
      Office phone: 0577-65597777 Mobil: 13600680907
      Educational Background
      Major: International Trade
      Graduate school: Shanghai Foreign Trade Institute
      Nanjing Normal University
      Majored English Language
      Shanghai Foreign Trade Institute
      Majored International Trade
      Academic Main Courses:
      Management/Marketing/International Trade, Import/Export Business, Foreign Trade
      English, Computer Skill and so on
      English Skills:
      Have a good command of both spoken and written English.
      Computer Abilities:
      Skilled in use of Windows / Office 2000
      Self Assessment:
      Good professional skills. team work spirit. high liability and attribution. nice characters.
      self-motivated, respond well in high-pressure atmosphere. energetic, adaptable and able man, cooperative and honest to others
      Employment Experience :
      1993/2--1997/12 worked in St. Mila Co., (Russia), sold leather coats in Russian market and lived in Moscow city.
      1998/2-2000/10 worked in Masterstaff
      Travel Co., (Russia), managed overseas Chinese traveling.
      2001/2-2003/12 worked
      in Alfa Group Co., (Russia) in charge of hotel service for overseas Chinese lives.
      2004/9-2005/6 worked in Wujiang Jinfeng Wood door Co., manage overseas market business.
      2005/7-2006/2 worked in Dongguan Jinzhong Electric Co., managed all exporting business.
      Position Wanted:
      To obtain a challenging position as a sales manager for overseas market.

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